The Vision of a Legendary Zafran Bloodline

NEW -SITE"A bloodline created to combine the traits of beauty, temperament and agility to establish a foundation of future performance horses. The potential of the Zafran is for a rider/owner to develop a partnership, creating an equestrian legacy..."

Ayton Hall Farm Stud is home to a newly created bloodline named 'The Zafran' offering outstanding homebred young stock, sired by its own superior Iberian stallion - Zafra Espanola.

The founder of the bloodline is Mrs. Sue Wilkinson whom has holistically bred and produced this exquisite line of horses to a superior standard, offering potential owners and riders a Zafran horse that currently shows no faults, a great temperament, wonderful conformation and movement.

The vision of the stud is to breed young stock that demonstrate speed, agility and intelligence while maintaining health and a temperament to suit the partnership between horse and rider. This unique stock has every mark of a true athlete and radiates presence, making them perfect for all sporting activities: show jumping, eventing, showing, dressage, polo, driving...the list is endless.

The Beginning:

It began with Zafra Espanola our Iberian stallion. With selective breeding we have established the Zafran line.

The Present:

Each horse has been lightly backed using saddles fitted by Simply Horsemanship Saddles Ltd with a combination of natural and traditional horsemanship. Each has correct conformation, great bone structure and a trainable temperament. To compete from home and to find competiton loan-homes to prove the Zafran in the equestrian world.

The Future:

To establish a succesful Zafran breed line.

This bloodline is supporting the urgent need in Great Britain to develop a stronger nucleus of horses, to ultimately become future top competition horses.